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Nina has an Amazing Adventure in Ecuador

Nina the Nerpa had a great trip to Ecuador in July and August of 2017. It was a very interesting country for Nina to visit with lots to offer – so much so that little Nina didn’t have enough time to see and do everything that she would have liked to. Ecuador is a very […]

Nina reaches the Summit of Scotland on Ben Nevis

Just last week Nina the Nerpa reached a landmark moment in her exploration of Scotland. She reached the summit of Scotland by climbing to the top of Ben Nevis! There are multiple ways to reach the summit of ‘The Ben’ but beingĀ a humble little nerpa Nina elected to ascend the Mountain Track. Even this non-technical […]

Walk in the woods in Spring - on a mossy perch

A Walk in the Woods in Spring – Time for a Mental and Physical Spring-clean

Nina the Nerpa loves experiencing Springtime. She has been springing through Spring full of the optimism that this fine season imbues. Nina loves watching nature awake and unfold in a blaze of colour after the winter slumber. Normally, Nina would have been asleep under the Lake Baikal ice last winter but she chose to leave […]

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